The unit, negative ion generators, use a process called a “corona discharge” where it lets a tiny current of electrons flow down a needle like structure to its point. The closer these electrons are forced together, the farther they will move from each other since electrons normally repel each other. The electron is pushed off to the nearest air molecule that causes it to become a negative ion. Ion generators’ main purpose is to produce as many negative ions to rid the air of harmful particulates. The more powerful the ionizer the more negative ions are produced, ions that are beneficial to the body. Negative ionisers utilize high voltage to add electrons to air molecules.

There are some debates as to what ion generators produce. Some say that it produces ozone and positive ions as well. While there is some truth to this, not all negative ionizers do. Ion generators don’t generate the amount of ozone typical of ozone help with neutralization or elimination. How negative ion generators work is that, most allergens are positively charged which means that negative ions would latch to them (since in Chemistry, negative and positive attract) and reduce its allergenicity.

There are also different devices that produce negative ions just like negative ion generators. There are devices like air purifiers and Himalayan salt lamps that also claim to cleanse the air and release negative ions into the air. While there are some differences to air purifiers, Himalayan salt lamps, and negative ion generators, a similarity they all have is that all help in cleaning the air and purifying it.

Air purifiers have filters to clean the air. Air goes inside and is filtered through so that only clean air comes out. The thing with air purifiers is that the filter needs to be changed regularly, but all is good since it’s only an additional step to getting clean air. Himalayan salt lamps on the other hand, are huge rocks of salt that have been hollowed out to place on top of a lightbulb. How Himalayan salt lamps work is a matter of water vapor in the air, going towards the lamp. By the process of osmosis, water vapor is attracted to the huge block of salt crystal. The water vapor has air pollutants attached to it and so when it enters the salt crystal, it traps it within the crystal as long as the light is on; but Himalayan salt lamps also release the air vapor back into the air, but any airborne contaminants will remain trapped in the salt crystal where it will not become airborne again. With negative ion generators, negative ions are produced by these devices and pushed off into the air around. These negative ions attach to harmful pollutants, pollen, dust, allergens, and more and the ions weigh them down so that it’s out of the breathing space.

All these products basically clean the air and purify it, but negative ions do a lot more than just clean the air from dust; negative ions also clean the air of dust, pollen, allergens, smoke, pet danders, foul odors, and more.

With all the things that are removed by negative ions, there would be a ton of benefits that it would give to the body. Negative ions protect the body from pollution, irritants, pet dander, allergens, pollen, dust, foul odor, and many more. It has also been proven that negative ions help the mind to relax and unwind. Int increases mental focus, sleep quality, relaxation, and even hair appearance and skin condition.

There are already a lot of ion generators and similar devices on the market, but one company that stood out in terms of research and quality of the development of the device is Ion Pacific. Ion Pacific creates amazing products for negative ionizers. Ion Pacific’s ionbox are quality-tested products that have been proven to generate up to 20 million negative ions per second to purify & detox your air. With three products to choose from, all having the same effect to wherever they are placed, you’re surely to find a product that will best suit your taste may it be for your car, room, office, or household.

Ion Pacific went through rigorous years of research to be able to produce the quality of products they have now. Shipping worldwide to where its market lies, Ion Pacific ensure quality production in Asia and continuous development in the UK and the US. Interested individuals who would want negative ion generators from Ion Pacific, they may check out their site at for more details.

It needs to be understood that there are plenty of systems and methods available online these days that claims to help you lose weight in a short span of time. It needs to be understood that weight loss is a continuous process that requires considerable amount of effort on your part in order to get the best sort of results. It is a process that requires breaking down of fats before conversion is carried out otherwise it would make use of the glycogen reserve instead. Many people are of the belief that weight loss is all about reducing food intake and going for workout but is anyone sure whether this would work for a particular individual. It needs to be understood that each person’s weight loss requirement and method is completely different and hence it is absolutely necessary to make use of a system that is actually working and reliable.

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Intermittent fasting

These days, the concept of intermittent fasting results has caught up quite well and there are many people who are interested to take up such kind of fasting in order to stay fit and feel healthy. Intermittent fasting comes along with huge benefits as it is a proper system that provides good results even for beginners as well as someone who is altogether new to the field. The fasting results includes massive kind of improvement in weight loss, increases the effectiveness, helps with blood lipid profile and much more. It provides for extensive range of benefits which includes gut repair and increase in abdominal blood flow. It also helps towards reduction of insulin levels and increases the human growth hormone to a great extent.

Reliable system and method

It comes across as a scientific method that has a clear path of action and the results are guaranteed. The intermittent fasting method makes use of mitochondrial adaptation method that helps with cellular fat burning. It is also absolutely necessary that one goes for an intensive weight loss program and training that includes tough and result-oriented exercises that brings results within few weeks. If one goes for a well designed and systematically approached hiit workouts, it is sure to achieve best results in a quick span of time.

Ho, ho, ho, it’s Christmas, have some cheer! The Coke Truck arrives, cavities are here!”

In 1995, the ad agency W.B. Doner came up with what would soon be a tradition in the years to come, the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck. In the maiden commercial, the three 18-wheelers passed through hillsides, valleys and towns. Each truck featured more than 30,000 bulbs with images of the Coca-Cola Santa colourfully illustrated on the side. At the end of the spot, the Santa on the back of the final truck raises his bottle of Coca-Cola in a holiday toast.

Since then, Coca-Cola materialised the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck, sending two Lorries to over 40 locations in England and Scotland in December 2017. The firm’s promotional material stated that the trucks would be “delivering Christmas cheer up and down the country. At every stop, you’ll have the chance to project your festive selfies across the side of the truck as it lights up. You’ll also be able to experience a snowy winter wonderland setting while enjoying a choice of Coca-Cola Classic, Diet Coke or Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.” Staff would offer customers free 150ml samples of the three drinks. The trucks are lit by 372 bulbs and 8,772 fairy lights which would appeal to the typical child.

Cheng, Yang, Shao, Hu and Zhou (2009) conducted a research on the relationship between soft drinks consumption and dental erosion as well as severe tooth decay. The subject of their research was a 25-year-old man with a history of drinking cola for more than 7 years and had poor oral hygiene. In the first 3 years, he consumed 0.5 – 0.7 litres of cola a day and brushed his teeth once a day. In the fourth and fifth month of the fourth year, the man consumed 1.5 litres of cola a day and brushed his teeth once a day. During the last 3 years, he continued drinking 1.5 litres a day and brushed once or twice daily. The man was a banker and had no exposure to acidic substances nor anything unusual in his diet, medical history or any family history of dental problems.

The man’s front teeth which were severely worn out. Furthermore, there were severe cavities present as well as the presence of gingivitis. The study concluded that the inherent acids and sugars in cola result in dental carries and enamel (the top white hard part of one’s teeth) erosion.

In light of this, the National Health Service (NHS), a publicly funded national healthcare system for England, presented some statistics that may be worrying. Generally, 61% of the planned stops in England and Scotland had 5 and 12-year-olds who had higher rates of rotten teeth than the English average. Further, one of the planned stops, Bolton, had 40.5% of 5-year-olds with tooth decay.

Coca-Cola has defended their use of the promotional Coke Christmas Trucks, which they say have made 397 stops and covered over 700,000 miles in the United Kingdom (UK). A spokesperson for the company stated that the tour is a one-off, annual event where they offered samples of the three main variants of Coca-Cola, noting that 2 out of the 3 are low-sugar-content drinks. The spokesperson further stated that, on average, over 70% of the samples were the zero-sugar option. Furthermore, they also had a policy of not providing drinks to children under the age of 12 unless their guardian is present and gives consent. The truck route also changes every year as they try to cover a fair geographical spread of the UK.

However, with the increasing awareness of the health effects of excessive soft drink consumption, Coca-Cola has come under fire with multiple health officials protesting the Coke Christmas Truck marketing stunt with some even calling for an outright ban on the trucks

So it’s no surprise that with the arrival of the Coke Christmas Truck in Australia in December 2017, a coalition of health bodies (including the Australian Dental Association) led by Parents’ Voice, has raised serious concerns about the impact of Coke’s festive marketing push. The Parents’ Voice termed the truck as “a giant mobile billboard marketing unhealthy products to vulnerable communities.” Further, 1 in every 4 children aged between 5-10 years in Australia has tooth decay that is not being treated. This, combined with the fact that some of the areas that were to be visited had obesity rates of as much as 73% have locals feeling that the campaign may have adverse effects on the community.

Stretch marks or dark spots are common issues with lots of women and men. However, everyone desires a smooth, clear skin that has no spot or blemish on it. At the same time, many of us have bones and hair-related problems. To deal with all these things, most of the women look for separate products for their skin, hair and overall health. However, the good news is that Colastrina is such a dietary supplement, which gives a comprehensive solution to all these issues.

The secret behind the unique power of this product is that it contains hydrolyzed collagen. This collagen benefits not only your skin but also treats other parts of your body.

  • Lose your weight

Control the appetite level by consuming hydrolyzed collagen. Though the products with collagen content give nutrition, they may also help in burning fat. The physicians have noted that this element has protein to enhance the physical functions.

  • Cures skin aging issues

Sagginess, dehydration and wrinkles- these are the major skin-related issues. Moreover, lack of sleep, smoking and alcohol drinking can increase the intricacy. To prevent these skin problems, you may use hydrolyzed collagen supplements. Due to the regular use of these supplements, you can find an increase in hydration level by almost eight percent.

  • Grow muscles and reduces joint ache

Arthritis and back pain is also one of the known issues to lots of adults and aged citizens. Hydrolyzed collagen enables your body in producing more protein. You will gain new muscles and your joint ache will also get reduced.

  • Get healthier hair with collagen

To have better quality hair, there is a need for three major things- Collagen, keratin and minerals. That is why you may better rely on collagen products to make improvement of hair. You will also be able to prevent baldness by having this type of supplement.

  • Reduction of anxiety

Due to the stressful life, anxiety is one of the common issues. With the intake of collagen-based products, you may control it easily. You will feel more relaxed by consuming this product.

So, you can get more than one benefit from hydrolyzed collagen, which is also known as peptides or hydrolyzed gelatin. The best collagen product is GMO-free, and it does not cause any risk to you after your use. Buy the high-quality products from the market to have a trial.

Many of us are finding it quite hard to keep in pace with the ageing process. We just feel that it would be great if there is a pause button that would counter our aging process. There is no need for one to fret or worry anymore as there are some effective, reliable and safe processes and procedures that helps one to get a youthful look in a short span of time. Many people are of the opinion that for getting the perfect body shape which includes breast augmentation and butt lift, it is important for one to go through surgical procedures. This is not true as there are less painful, more effective and trustworthy procedure with exceptional results likes that of Activegel Hydrogel injections.

Safe and reliable method out of all

The injections are made out of materials like plastic contour that are 100% safe on our body and does not cause any sort of side effects. It comes across as simple and effective Activegel-based filler that is absolutely convenient to use as well. It needs to be understood that it is not something that would last for a lifetime and it would stay effective for a period of 5 years. After this, you can get yet another dose of injections to bring back the look.

Quality matters

One should keep in mind that only a good quality and original gel would be able to render the best sort of results and hence one need to be cautious about this particular aspect. There are plenty of fake suppliers out there that would send across substandard products in place of the original Activegel base. This would definitely hamper the overall outcome and cause further issues in the long run. Hence, make sure that you always go with a reliable, reputed and trusted supplier in order to ensure its originality and reliability. Make sure to check for the quality factor before injecting the gel so that you do not have to face any problems with the wrong gel. The whole injection process would take just about 10 to 30 minutes in total.

A good posture of the body means a person has to train his body to work, stand, lie or sit in positions where the supporting ligaments and muscles do not get the maximum strain. A correct posture is a position in which a person holds his body upright against the gravity when he is standing, lying or sitting. The least amount of pressure should be placed on the ligaments and muscles that are supporting the movement during all the weight-bearing activities. It is important to maintain a proper posture in order to stay healthy. To know more about the proper sitting postures, please visit the website of My Back Relief Clinic.

Benefits of Proper Posture

There are various health benefits of maintaining a proper body posture. Listed below are the benefits of posture.

  • A proper posture helps to keep the bones and the joints in proper position so that the muscles are used properly.
  • Posture helps in lessening the abnormal wearing off of the joint surfaces which may result in the chronic disease, arthritis.
  • It helps in decreasing the stress of muscles and the ligaments that clench the spine joints together.
  • A proper body posture helps in preventing the spine from getting fixed in the abnormal positions.
  • It helps in preventing fatigue as the muscles are used by the body more efficiently. This, in turn, allows consuming less energy.
  • It helps to prevent any kind of strain to the body.
  • It helps in preventing the muscular pains or the backaches.
  • One of the most important benefits of a proper posture is that it helps in contributing to a better and healthy or appearance.

Proper Sitting Postures

Given below are the ways in which a person can maintain a proper sitting posture.

  • One should sit with the back straight with the shoulders back. The buttocks must touch the back of the chair.
  • The three normal curves should be prominent when a person is sitting down. Rolled up towels or the lumber rolls can help in maintaining the bends in the back.
  • A person should sit at the end of the chair or bench and maintain a slouched position. He should draw himself up and emphasize the back and hold it for ten seconds. Then the person has to release himself from this position. This is considered to be a good and healthy sitting posture.
  • The body weight has to be distributed equally on both the hips.

When a person maintains a good posture, he will be relieved from the muscle ache and other joint problems.

You need dental implants when the existing set of teeth goes through an irreparable damage. This procedure can be done due to health or cosmetic reasons. Here are the top 5 benefits that come with dental implant procedure.

  • Dental implant is almost forever: Durability is the most desirable feature of this procedure. The person, once implant done, does not require repetition of procedure for years. The patient can get to look its natural self even with replaced teeth. While other procedures such as braces, etc interfere with normal activities, such as, eating, smiling etc., the implant works just like a natural tooth.
  • Dental implant offers a hassle-free life: A person tends to become conscious if the toothy smile is not that beautiful or there are uneven teeth ready to pop out of the mouth as soon as opened. This steals away the confidence and the person may become too shy to speak for oneself or to stay normal without feeling embarrassed. With an implant in place, there is no scope for fear or embarrassment of any kind and the end result is too good to believe.
  • Dental implant retains the natural look: Yes, you are not going through any physical transformation, per se, when you get dental implant done. Since the implant fuses with the jawbone naturally, there is no visible changing happening in face or the contours of the mouth. No one can make out an implant from the natural teeth; thus, this procedure is good for people who prefer maintaining low key while using any cosmetic method.
  • Dental implant stays intact inside the mouth: This is a very low maintenance procedure and does not require additional storage solution. Unlike braces that need storing in covered cases, or unlike dentiture set that is stored in cups, the implant stays where teeth reside naturally, that is, in mouth.
  • Easy flow of words: When you use dentiture, you are often made fun of for poor pronunciation of some words. Also, use of dentiture causes lot of bad breath too. Thus, speech is not interfered with dental implant.

Visit a Dentist Rancho Cucamonga when you want to get implant done by the best hands on the job. Their services are designed keeping the comfort, health and beauty needs of the users in mind.

As we age overall hair density changes and individual strands become finer. There are many remedies that deliver great results when used for hair growth. Here we list some of the most effective ones, that also prevent hair loss.

First step is also the most obvious choice, you will have the best results if you switch to- an all natural shampoo.

Biofolic Shampoo

By combining more than 5.000 years of knowledge and experience gathered by practitioners of traditional Korean medicine with latest nanotechnologies, Biofolic has developed an all natural and highly effective remedy against hair loss, with no harmful side effects.

Biofolic Shampoo consists of medicinal herbs, algae, seaweed and grains. Sea plants like algae and seaweed contain large quantities of alginic acid and iodine as well as other components, which helps accelerate hair growth.

It covers all hair types, this hair regrowth treatment is full of essential vitamins for hair growth and is a safe daily hair thickener for color treated hair, highlighted hair, bleached hair as well as damaged hair.

Oil massage

Warm up the oil and gently massage it all over your scalp. Keep it on overnight and wash your hair the next morning.

You can apply coconut oil every time you wash your hair. Twice a week is recommended.

This hair growth remedy is one of the best natural conditioners for hair. Coconut oil is rich in potassium and keeps your scalp healthy, promotes the growth of new hair, and repairs damaged hair. It also reduces dandruff, hair breakage, and hair loss. Coconut oil is also used as a preconditioning hair treatment for damaged hair.

Rosemary oil is prepared from the distillation of the rosemary herb. The oil increases cell division and expands the blood vessels, thus stimulating blood circulation. It increases hair growth and also acts as a hair tonic.

Argan oil is a revolutionary gift of nature and is called ‘liquid gold’ because of the magic it works on thinning hair. It improves hair quality by moisturizing the hair follicles and enhancing hair growth. It repairs the damaged hair and also balances out the natural oil production by the scalp.