Sports means fitness, but do you know these may prove to be a bit traumatic for your dental set when you exert your body to its last limit. There are certain kinds of physical activities that need the person to challenge its body. Such activities are mostly running, weight-lifting, kick-boxing and similar others. A common reflex action is grinding teeth and clenching of jaws in order to withstand traumatic touch or immense stress on any body part. This action requires the player to use some protective guard for the teeth set; mouth guard is just made for this purpose.

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According to the level of stress and contact impact, mouth guards are designed. These dental protection guards are available in few customized options such as:

  1. Hardcore mouth guards: These are low profile dental protectors but with added hard layer. This hard layer promotes better power distribution and minimizes the impact of traumatic contact typically received in sports like boxing, hockey, bull-riding, and others. Added hard layer is known to increase the power distribution by about four times. Thus, it is superior to other options in its protective ability.
  2. Extreme impact mouth guards: When you need mouth guards better than those made of EVA, a material most popularly used, the Extreme impact option serves the purpose beautifully. These tight fitting guards are more comfortable and perform better in terms of providing protection. Their shock-proofing ability is twice better than EVA guards. The shock-absorbing material that goes into its making is the best performing one that accounts for its reliability.
  3. Custom mouth guards: Teeth grinding does not take place while heavy weight-lifting only. This reflex action takes place when you are running faster than your best limit too. Running so fast can leave you panting for more air. Thus, mouth guards that support better breathability are useful in such case. Custom mouth guards can be personalized too by using artwork or some text.

So, keep into account the type of lifestyle you follow and its challenges while selecting the mouth guards. This will help you have better comfort and requisite protection.