Not many people know about HPV or genital warts until they get it in their body. I first knew this disease when I saw two small warts in my vulva. I went for a checkup. The doctor concluded that I got diagnosed with HPV. In particular, I was suffering from genital warts, a form of HPV. Everything came to me as a big shock after my doctor explained this condition. At that time I was 22 years old. I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 5 months. And, my having sexual intercourses without condoms might be the cause of my genital warts. Then, I also realized my boyfriend had a number of less protected relationships throughout his life. That was why we separated in the past.

The diagnosis result left me feeling deadly, depressed and stressful. I thought that I would never be able to have another relationship. My condition would infect my future lover or my husband. I couldn’t imagine anyone seeing all the tiny growths when they approached my genitals. No one could accept me. I was completely in a depression and desperate thoughts. I repented of my sexual intercourse history. I also worried about my future life. In fact, the doctor believed my condition might cause no risk of cancers. But, these two warts were my big problem. It could affect directly to my sexual activity.

Immediately, my doctor prescribed me some kind of topical medications and acid treatments. She said I needed to remove those genital warts first. Then, try to limit and dismiss HPV’s operation in my body. She suggested some surgeries such as burning warts with electric currents, laser treatments and excision cutting off warts. But, it might not be compulsory to my case. The mild genital warts often went away with time by using medicines or creams. So, I could stop the growths of these warts by creams. At that time, I also learned about this condition. I heard from others who have been in the similar situation. And, I read the sharing of their experiences in many different forums. Many experts and former sufferers recommended VidaroX for dealing with genital warts. It is one of the nano- medicine HPV treatments. Also, it specializes in treating for removing warts and killing HPV infections. In fact, VidaroX was working for many people in these forums. I really wanted to try out this topical cream. But, the price brought me a big hesitancy.

At that time, one more wart started to grow in my genital areas. I was very scared of seeing its growths day by day. Thus, I ordered VidaroX on its website with the price of approximately 56 USD. And, its package came in 2 days later. I immediately put this white cream on these genital warts. I remembered applying it for 3 times a day. Then, I observed a result quite soon. In fact, the pain and redness of those warts declined obviously after the first day. All irritations were completely cleared up. From the second day, I began to observe signs of wart’s falling out. After 5 days, I continued to perceive the subsidence of these warts. Finally, my last wart disappeared in the sixth day.

I was very happy to see my genital area clean and fresh then. But, there was one thing in my mind that my genital warts might come back. The doctor also explained the risk of this bad situation. Yet, I kept on an annual medical checkup and HPV test. Besides, I improved my diet for handling my condition. My doctor advised me to boost immune system through healthy foods. Thus, I took supplements and everything with vitamin C and A. I also drank a lot of green tea for its antioxidant use. In fact, green tea included Polyphenon E with the beneficial properties of antibacterial and antifungal.

Up to now, I have never got another wart again. I was very happy for that. One year later, I looked for a new job. And, I met a colleague in my office. He proposed to date with me. But, I refused him. In fact, I was a bit nervous and unconfident for a new relationship. Finally, I told him about my condition. Well, he completely accepted me. He believed my previous condition would never affect our relationship. The safe methods in dating and having sex would protect us from disease. So, I started to date with him. Now, we have been in a relationship for more than 1 year. I see no problem iwithour sexual activity. No wart again. We always go for an annual checkup. And, there is no sign of genital wart in both of us. Genital warts may be completely removed from my body. The treatments really work for my condition. I feel very lucky. And, we are going to get married at the end of this year.

If you get genital warts, don’t think your life is over. HPV or genital warts should not bring you down. So, you should go to see a doctor for a test. In fact, genital warts are not serious if you have effective treatments. Also, prevention and healthy life can protect you from the risk of genital warts.