Despite the tremendous advancements in medical facilities we tend to lag behind in curing the chronic disease. Diseases such as cancer can be treated by therapies and surgeries which can be very expensive for many people in the country. A solution for treating cancer can be by regulating the metabolic functions of our body. Many studies show that sugar increases the risk of cancer. In today’s modern world Mini Western cultures are totally dependent on sugar, starch, and grains which are consumed on a daily basis for fulfilling the needs our body. Our ancestors did not consume this kind of food on a daily basis because they knew the adverse consequences of consuming it. With a ketogenic diet, we can weaken the cell of the chronic diseases and reduce the effect of such diseases on our body.

Many researchers show that the main source which feeds cancer is the sugar, which also contributes to inflammation in the body. Keto diet plan Bangalore for cancer patients can be a very helpful step in overcoming cancer and other chronic diseases to an extent.

How can cancer cells be depleted?

When we reduce the sugar intake, it helps in the weakening of the cancer cells. As Sugar is the main source which fuels the cancer cells, ketogenic diet helps in lowering the level of carbohydrates which will ultimately reduce the level of glucose in your body. This will help in putting your body into a process of ketosis and the ketones produced will help in depleting cancer cells.

Cancer cells are very different from normal cells, and one of their unique treats is that they are insulin receptors. Their cellular surface has ten times more insulin receiving capacity than any other cells. If you continue to consume sugar and glucose in your diet, then the cancer cells are more likely to spread and produce themselves. A diet which is high in protein should also be avoided as it can feed cancer; a moderate protein ketogenic diet is recommended for cancer patient so that cancer cells can be weakened easily. So, you should shift to a ketogenic diet for better health and lifestyle.

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