5 ways to enhance skin quality using CBD

It can be hard to know what skin products really provide the most benefit for your skin, as there are simply so many to pick from nowadays, and there’s no way of trying them all.

However, you should certainly give cannabidiol (CBD) topical a chance. These cannabis-infused cosmetics are made with just the plant’s non-psychoactive components. CBD can be therapeutic and nourishing for the skin, interacting with cannabinoid receptors from the endocannabinoid system (ECS). CB1 and CB2 receptors are both found in different layers of the skin.

Many CBD products for the skin are made from hemp, a plant that is part of the cannabis sativa family, but contains a minimal THC content.

Here are five ways to enhance skin quality using CBD.

Treat inflammation

When we injure ourselves, we are exposed to bruising and swelling, the latter a direct result of protective action from the immune system, which promotes an inflammatory response to encourage healing. While some of these inflammatory messages are helpful to speed up healing, it is the excess which proves problematic.

CBD works to prevent this swelling get out of control, and to hasten the recovery process. Endocannabinoids can regulate the immune system if they are CB2 receptor agonists. The endocannabinoid anandamide affects the receptor in that way. CBD blocks anandamide reuptake in the body, making more of the chemical available to perform an anti-inflammatory role.

Applying CBD cream to the affected area of the skin on a regular basis will calm any swelling and treat the injury. The compound’s antibacterial properties nullify any risk of infection.

CBD promotes youthful skin

Using CBD on the skin often is a great way to nurture a youthful, vibrant appearance, and a complexion that remains wrinkle-free for longer. The skin cannot withstand the aging process forever, with intrinsic aging eventually causing the skin to look tired and wrinkly, but the devastating extrinsic effects can be neutralized with the right treatment.

The antioxidants in CBD can be beneficial for the skin in topical form, acting as a shield for the external organ against damaging free radicals – these molecules are found in anything from cigarette smoke to exhaust fumes.

Creams from HempBombs and other brands can all be used for anti-aging purposes, whether they are styled as pain creams, muscle rubs or cosmetics.

CBD manages acne symptoms

Acne is perhaps the world’s most notorious skin condition, because of its prevalence, especially among younger people, and the detrimental effect it can have on aesthetics and confidence. Many who suffer from symptoms like oily and dirty skin go on to experience anxiety and depression.

Some acne treatments help to treat the oiliness which is caused by too much sebum production, but end up bringing about the opposite problem: dry skin as a result of stopping activity among the sebaceous glands.

However, CBD has sebostatic properties which serve to regulate the production of sebum to healthy levels. The oil is needed to some extent to waterproof the skin and protect from infection. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD also help to tackle skin sensitivity and redness.

CBD combats symptoms of psoriasis

Psoriasis is not dissimilar to acne in that it can have devastating negative effects on confidence and is not easy to treat. However, the emerging consensus that psoriasis is an autoimmune disease is helping to narrow down treatment options, with CBD an intriguing candidate.

Some researchers believe that regulating immune system dysfunction is critical for stopping the excessive production of skin cells which disrupts the skin cell life cycle. Red and patchy skin are the most common and noticeable symptoms of psoriasis, and are caused by the skin being unable to clear away dead cells from its surface layer fast enough.

There are no clinical studies as yet on CBD benefitting psoriasis patients, but there are a few isolated case studies of people reporting an improvement in symptoms. This could be thanks, primarily, to CBD’s immunomodulatory effects.

CBD’s effect as a natural, local anaesthetic

The analgesic effects of CBD can be utilized by taking edibles and vaping e-liquids, but also by applying topical products appropriately to the skin.

Studies have found that CBD helps to soothe physical pain by binding with receptors inside and outside of the ECS, including vanilloid receptors in the skin. Hence, you can treat a painful part of the body by lathering the skin in that area with a CBD cream or gel.

Final thought

CBD has myriad of health benefits, many of which can be realized by using CBD on the skin. Indeed, the versatility of creams explains why topicals are such popular wholesale CBD products.

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