How Havening Therapy Works and How It Can Help People?

Havening is a therapeutic process through which professionals help people to deal with traumatic events & experiences that happened in the past but still causing problems in their present life. Havening is not a surgical or medical procedure; it’s a program where professionals deal with the mind problem by talking, visualizing, therapeutic touch, eye movements and other exercises that help the brain to change the way how it remembers the difficult events.

How Havening Procedure Can Help You

Traumatic experiences can create a very stressful memory which remains in our brain for indefinitely until our brain starts to change the way it thinks. Havening programs work to de-link the stressful memories and drive the brain in a different pathway about the experience. However, havening will not eliminate the memory from, but it will remove the negative impact that is causing disturb in life.  If you or any of your family members are facing such issues, you must immediately search for a reliable and professional havening practitioner near me to deal with the problem.

How the Havening Technique Works

Havening is a very safe and effective procedure done by professionals. The havening process includes different procedures which include:

Talking Session: In this session, the therapist converses with the patient to understand what has happened; and how the patient thinks about the experience. They try to ease the problem through conversation & communication. Gradually they work on changing the pathway of how the brain remembers the memory.

Touching: Havening therapy also includes touching where the therapist works on increasing the delta waves by rubbing face, arms, and palms.

Creating Distraction: In this session, the therapist tries to create distraction through different visualizing activities and counting, which lets the brain think something different than the trauma.

Successful havening therapy helps patients to feel relaxed, calm and peaceful once it is completed.

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